Essential Boat Maintenance Guide – A Weekly, Monthly & Yearly Checklist

By James Fletcher

Boating maintenance is vitally important. If your car brakes down you can simply call for a tow truck. Out on the water, a breakdown can turn deadly. Proper maintenance and inspections can ensure many years of safe boating. Below is a list of weekly, monthly and yearly routine maintenance schedules.


Weekly tests should be done by the captain, before each trip out on the boat. These tests should focus on making sure the equipment needed for each voyage is working correctly. Be sure to check bilge pumps, navigation lights, bungs and washers, the steering column for stiffness and fuel level. Also make sure the radio is operating before heading out onto the water. You should also have a quick look around the boat to identify any potential problems or hazards.


Monthly maintenance should focus on checking engine oil levels, and other motorized equipment. Be sure to check the oil levels, monitor the ropes and lines for damage, oil the winch and check safety equipment for damage including lifejackets as well as the use by dates on flares. Give the boat a good clean and also check for any general signs of wear and tare. Inspect the blades of the propellor for damage and inspect all other electrical items such as windscreen wipers, engine tilt and anything else electrical.


Your motor should be serviced at least once a year or more depending on how much you use your boat. As the owner you should thoroughly inspect to exterior and interior of your vessel at least once a year. Look for cracks, chips, blistering, loose wiring, broken fittings and anything else unusual. If you cannot fix what you see be sure to raise the issue with your service agent before getting the boat serviced. Be sure to check grab rails and other fittings are secure and tightly fitted the the boats hull. Check the boats rollers to ensure they are running smoothly otherwise add grease as needed.

By abiding by these maintenance schedules, you will increase your chances of having many years of trouble free boating. Without proper maintenance you run a great risk not only to yourself but to your passengers as well. Be safe, and keep up on your maintenance and checks.

James loves to go boating and fishing. More great Fishing & Boating tips can be found at his site.

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Which Caribbean Island Is Right for You?

By Lizi Oldham

Bask in the sun on white sandy beaches, dip your toes in the balmy turquoise waters and it is easy to see why the Caribbean has been described as Heaven on Earth. The region made up of over 700 islands enchants and entices. Escape to this intoxicating region and prepare for a visual overload of bright and beautiful colours.

Offering an abundance of dazzling natural paradises, choose to plunge into the crystal waters, hike through tropical rainforest or explore the seductive old towns. Each island offering something unique; there really is something for everyone among these fascinating islands. Below the Amazing Accom staff define which Caribbean island is right for you.

Antigua & Barbuda: Laid back and featuring a large number of smaller beaches. These resort islands, feature breathtaking white sands and azure waters and are all encompassing and relaxing. Perfect for those who like to holiday with ease.

Anguilla: Isolated and captivating offering beautiful beaches and an endless summer. Anguilla has a rich local history and a buzzing restaurant scene. The island is ideal for those who seek luxury and relaxation away from the swarms of tourists.

Aruba: The most touristy of the islands in the Caribbean, Aruba offers incredible hospitality, warm waters and a host of activities ranging from designer shopping malls to cutting edge restaurants and bars. Head to Aruba if you are after a vacation with everything on offer.

Barbados: Beautiful beaches, vast tropical rain forest and world-famous rum; Barbados is a tropical paradise popular for its fascinating scenery and killer surf. Barbados is the place for those who seek an action packed adventure holiday.

Puerto Rico: A blend of Spanish, Indian and African influences, Puerto Rico is both intoxicating and unique. A fascinating mix of beautiful beaches, lush rain forests, colonial charm and a thriving cultural heart. Puerto Rico is the ideal destination for those seeking a vibrant vacation rich in history, sun and fun!

St Barthelemy: A playground for the rich and famous, St Barthelemy dazzles and charms with its beautiful white sand beaches and sparkling waters. Offering world-class shopping and dining experiences, St Barthelemy is the perfect place for glamour, relaxation and pampering.

St Martin: Packed full of punch St Martin can be described as the Caribbean’s ultimate party destination. The stunning scenery sets the backdrop for long nights dancing to the calypso rhythm. St Martin is best for those who wish to experience the lively Creole culture and aren’t afraid of a few late nights!

For luxury accommodation in the Caribbean head to

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Different Golf Courses in Myrtle Beach

Official seal of City of Myrtle Beach

Official seal of City of Myrtle Beach (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By Paul A Buchanan

If you have chosen Myrtle Beach as your next golfing destination you will not  be disappointed. Not only does it offer world class golf courses but it boasts  beautiful sunny weather and nice beaches. Whether you are simply looking for  golf, or also looking for accommodations there are so many options to choose  from. Myrtle Beach has been a golfing destination since the late 1970s and it’s  no wonder with its almost a hundred courses to choose from. You will be able to  find the perfect course to fit your skill set and budget. So if you are ready to  enjoy your next golf outing, take the plunge and find out what all Myrtle Beach  has to offer.

Whether you have a favorite course designer, a skill set, or budget you  should find the course or courses to best fit your needs. You should be able to  search courses based on designer, basic details-such as what makes it stand out  from all the others, and other statistics like par, number of holes, etc. All of  the reviews take the guess work out of selecting a course and help you find the  best fit.

Of course all the golf at Myrtle Beach is excellent but a few stand out among  the crowd. Pearl West is a beautiful course with lots of open stretches. Its  beauty is truly breathtaking and it even has a dramatic 18th hole finish  overlooking the inter-coastal waterway. Talk about beauty, this award winning  course also features a par 72 and was voted “Best New Public Course” by Golf  Digest. The clubhouse boasts impressive views of the course. However, there are  so many golf courses to choose from. Another excellent course is the  International Golf Club of Myrtle Beach, this course offers beauty with its tree  lined views and several lakes around. With so many different styles of golf  courses it is easy to see why it is such as impressive golfing destination.

When selecting the location for your next golfing outing, look no further  than what Myrtle Beach has to offer. In addition to sand and sun, it boasts a  fabulous repertoire of nearly a hundred golf courses to choose from. Many of  which are designed by award winning designers and have themselves received many  awards. No matter what your skills are or what kind of course you prefer to  play, you will find the best golf course to suit your needs.

Myrtle Beach Golf Course

Myrtle Beach  Golf

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How To Fish For and Catch Redfish

By Randy Laukshtein

Fishing for Redfish is an exciting and challenging sport. There are many ways to fish for Redfish, and none of them are wrong. I will give you just a few ways that work, and put you on the right track to becoming a successful Redfish fisherman.

Redfish are primarily bottom feeders. They look in the grasses and mud for shrimp, crabs, and small baitfish. The structure of their head shows that it is easier for them to look down and feed off of the bottom, as opposed to a Snook or Tarpon who spend more time looking up and have a mouth better suited for ambushing bait from underneath.

Redfish tailing is something that gets most anglers hearts racing. This is when Redfish are feeding in the sand and grass flats in shallow water, and they expose the tip, if not all of, their tail fin. The Redfish are poking around the sandy bottom looking for a shrimp to pop up out of the grass or a crab to reveal itself. This is an exciting time for an angler, because we now know that they are there and hungry.

Smell and sound are the things to focus on when fishing for Redfish. The first thing to remember about Redfish is to be aware of is that they have very keen hearing. Do not get too close or you will spook the Redfish. Their eyesight is not that great, but they can hear very well.

Be careful how you present the bait to Redfish, and make it seem natural. Long casts to the fish work best, and baits that do not make a lot of noise when hitting the water are also a plus. Try to put your bait a few feet in front of the fish and not on top of them where it would in most cases scare the fish. Allow the bait to sink to the bottom, and give little twitches to get it to come off bottom to show itself. When using live bait like shrimp, let the bait do the work. Again, you can give a little pull to expose the bait for a second, but then let it go back to the bottom. Lures such as jigs and soft baits also work great this way, but you need to make the movement of the bait. Being patient is very important – Always let the fish come to the bait.

High tides you will find Redfish up in little creeks under mangroves and on the edges of saw grass and banks. At this time they are going to the places that the baitfish will be looking for safety. Again, an assortment of baits can work, but finding what the Redfish are eating is best. Casting up under structure like mangroves is a challenge and takes some practice.

Learn to skip your bait. This will get your bait or lure up under the structure to where the fish are. Skipping bait is similar to skipping a rock on the surface of the water. Combine that with an almost gulfing movement of your fishing rod about 2 feet off the water and a quick hard snap of the rod and your bait will skip across the water and under the structure.

Now, getting the fish back out from under structure can be a problem. If you are using lures, use weedless ones if possible and stay away from anything with treble hooks. Baits such as shrimp may not be that easy to skip, but sardines and pinfish skip nicely. In small creeks and edges of saw grass or along banks try to keep some distance, and work all the way up against the shore. This is where the Redfish are typically looking for food.

When you are not able to get under structure to the fish, you can use sound to attract Redfish. Popper corks used with live bait or even soft bait and jigs can bring interested fish out from the cover. The sound that a popper cork produces is similar to bait being attacked by a predator. This makes other fish like Redfish come looking to see if there is an easy meal.

Cast your bait close to the edge of the mangroves or structure where you believe the fish are located. Then with the line snug, give a quick snap of the wrist to make the popper cork pop. Let it sit for about 30 seconds and then repeat. This is also a great way to attract Redfish to your bait when you are fishing open flats.

Redfish also have a very strong sense of smell, so this is another thing to focus on when fishing for Redfish. There are many fish scents on the market now and most do a good job in attracting fish. Use scented baits or use scent products applied to lures to help get the fish to commit to the bite. Even hard baits like top water plugs work better with some scent added to them. Live bait has their own scent, so we do not need to do anything with them, however, chumming an area will help to bring more fish in and create a feeding frenzy. Baitfish such as sardines make great chum. Ballyhoo is another highly scented fish, which put off a great scent and are a great bait for Redfish if you cut them into chunks.

Gold spoons have always been a great way to catch Redfish. Something about the flash and the vibration of these lures provokes an attack from Redfish. Cast these lures anywhere that there is enough water for it to move properly and you think Redfish are located. I prefer to use weedless spoons, since I normally would be casting this lure in grass flats. You can work a lot of area in a short time and help to find out where the Reds are hiding.

Contrary to popular belief, topwater plugs can be used to catch Redfish. Over the years I have been told that you cannot catch Redfish on plugs, at least not on a regular basis. This is not true at all. When Redfish are tailing the flats on an early morning, and there is no breeze or even sound yet, you must not throw a noisy top water plug or it will scare them away. However, in deeper water and along waterways that Redfish are cruising, topwater and even suspended plugs can produce some epic fish battles. Just like spoons, you can cover a lot of area and find out quickly where the fish are.

Pound for pound, Redfish are one of the strongest fish you will ever hook into and we need to ensure their longevity. Redfish have earned the respect of many anglers over the years, and I am sure they will also earn yours after you hook into one. With this respect, I hope that you will help in the conservation of them and other fish by following a few simple rules. Use circle hooks when using bait. Keep the Redfish out of the water for as short of a time as possible. Handle the fish properly so that it has a better chance of survival after the catch, and only keep what you plan on eating.

I hope that I have helped to put you on the right track to becoming a successful Redfish angler. Once you get the hang of it, pass on the excitement by taking a child fishing to pass on the fun for future generations!

Randy Laukshtein is an avid Snook and Redfish fisherman and co-creator of the Reel Madness Fishing site. Check it out at:


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Explore the City of Corpus Christi For Classic Hotels & Attractions


By David Urmann
Co-Author: Nayan Choure

Corpus Christi is one of the most striking and the most popular holiday  destinations in the state of Texas. It is one of the most vibrant and happening  cities of United States. It serves as the county seat of Nueces County with  estimated population of about 416,376 which makes it the eighth largest city of  the nation. The city of Corpus Christi is ideally situated on the Gulf of Mexico  in South Texas. It is also known as the ‘Sparkling City by the Sea’ as it offers  a range of mesmerizing views of gorgeous ocean, and the beaches which offer a  range of activities and water sports like sailing, windsurfing and many exciting  adventurous sports.

Corpus Christi, from the People's T-head. 8-se...

Corpus Christi, from the People’s T-head. 8-second exposure. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This gorgeous city of Corpus Christi was founded in the year 1839 by the  Colonel Henry Lawrence Kinney. During 1845, the US Army set up their base camps  around the area which is today’s Corpus Christi for preparing for war with  Mexico. The area was then named as Corpus Christi and in 1852, the city was  incorporated.


The city of Corpus Christi is a city which is packed with a range of exciting  and interesting attractions. The attractions such as the Corpus Christi  Botanical Gardens and Nature Center, Texas State Aquarium, Orchid House and  Gator Lake are some of the must visit attractions of the area which one would  not afford to miss. Corpus Christi Botanical Gardens and Nature Center is one of  the most visited attractions of the city which offers great atmosphere for  several living creatures. It accommodates a range of gardens and greenhouses.  The most renowned gardens are the Hummingbird Gardens and Hibiscus Gardens.

Other attractions of the city include a variety of museums, the Asian  Cultures Museum and Educational Center is one of the most visited museums. This  fascinating and marvelous museum houses several thousands of artifacts from  Japan, China, Korea and Philippines. This museum gives an opportunity to learn  about ancient Japanese culture and customs. It also contains various artifacts  from India, Sri Lanka, Taiwan and Myanmar. No matter at what time you are  visiting the museum, there is always a festive atmosphere filling your heart  with refreshment and energy. This is one of the best places to spend your  precious time and you will not regret about that.

Finding a great and suitable hotel in the most vibrant cities like Corpus  Christi is not a big deal. It has a range of beautiful beachfront hotels which  offers some of the most impressive coastal and marina views. The hotels of the  city range from luxury, bed and breakfast guesthouses to budget and mid budget  hotels. These hotels are generally concentrated around the downtown district. As  most of the hotels are situated in the downtown areas of the district, the area  is full packed with shopping centers, restaurants and many business centers. The  most favored area by the tourist is the area around the waterfront and promenade  where the rates of the hotels are quite high.

One can also find budget to mid range hotels around the Highway US-77, North  Shoreline Boulevard, North Port Avenue and the Surfside Boulevard. The budget  hotels such as the Quality Inn, Radisson Hotel are some of the most favored  hotels of the area as they offer quality accommodation at the most affordable  price.

For more information on Corpus Christi Resorts  [] and Cheap Hotels  [] please visit our website.

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Carnival Magic Highlights

Video tour of the Carnival Magic. See Restaurants, Rooms and Attractions.

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